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Movement Stories with a Chair is a fantastic activity that allows you to do physical exercise with your children in a simple and creative way using a chair.


Following the story, we live out the adventures of the protagonists in the first person, we immerse ourselves in imaginative settings in an activity that stimulates the psychomotor development and expression of the child in a playful and creative way.


The physical experience takes place with the help of the chair, on which and around which we move, experimenting with different gaits, positions, stretches, balances.


In this way, we can also carry out the activity in classrooms or at home without having to go to the gym and without using specific equipment.

Children will experience exciting adventures that are good for the body and mind!


To carry out the activity we need a light and safe chair without edges, of the right height for the child, to be used on a non-slippery floor.

Before starting to move, we briefly introduce the story to the children and then we perform the movements of the story, respecting the children's time, stopping if they need to rest, and giving clear information so that they can do the activity safely.


Movement Stories with a Chair includes six stories.

For each story you will find a video where I demonstrate the movements and a PDF file with the text of the story, which you can download and print.


Movement Stories with a Chair is made by Rosa Cipriano, movement educator, dance teacher, specialized in educational psychomotricity and creator of programs that accompany children in psychomotor development with a playful, creative, imaginative, expressive approach.


In this story we live out the adventures of a young explorer who crosses the desert in search of Pharaoh's magic stick.


In this story we learn to recognize emotions, even when they are combined with colors, and to interpret them with our bodies by following Gianna's adventures inside a toy store.


A story of friendship, respect for animals and nature set in an amusement park, amongst fairground rides and fun.


Gino is very fond of his shoes and does not want to change them at all, even if they are very old and shabby...until one day...


Everyone feared Mimi the bear, but finally one day he managed to show how kind he was by getting rid of a wicked witch ...


In Lea's room there is a magic box, which hides a beautiful doll ... she needs help from you children, let's find out what it is all about!

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